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Vatika Triangle, Gurgaon

  • Seventh Flloor Plan
  • First Flloor Plan
  • Typical Floor Plan
  • Vatika Triangle, Gurgaon
  • Vatika Triangle, Gurgaon


Vatika Triangle is built over 1,30,000 sq. ft., and offers “open office hall” spaces with an average floor plate size of 17,000 sq. ft.

Designed by Nikken Sekkei International, one of the best-known global architectural firms in Singapore, and Spazzio Design Architecture Ltd., one of the leading design firms in India, Vatika Triangle is a reflection of the group's design sensibilities and technological excellence. It is a futuristic corporate building that provides open and intelligently planned workspaces.

Incorporating international standards for office specifications, this environment-friendly workplace also has a fine dining restaurant, Coriander Leaf, on the ground floor. Beautiful landscapes and expertly designed building systems inspire business performance and results.



    Number of Floors Ground + Seven Floor + Two Level Basement




    Sanitary Fittings:

    •   Emphasis on water conservation, better hygiene and ease in maintenance
    •   Low volume flushing EWC(4-6 litres) with concealed flush valves
    •   Washerless taps
    •  Quarter turn taps in wash basins with external thermostatic mixers for better hygiene and human safety.
    •  Angle valves with micron filter
    •   Infra-red No-touch operated flush valves in Urinals
    •   Anti-cockroach traps in floor traps for water hygiene


    Provision of ABS plastic international accessories e.g, toilet paper holders, liquid soap dispensers


    •   Raw Water Tank 35,000 litres
    • Treated Water Tank 45,000 litres


    Cold Water Supply:

    • Emphasis on water conservation and better hygiene.
    •   All water supply shall be filtered. Separate water supply piping

                  circuits for flushing, domestic/ soft water and drinking water.

    • Centralized R.O plant for drinking water supply for tenants.
    • Flushing water supply through gravity. Domestic/ soft water supply through hydro-pneumatic system.
    • Drinking water supply through separate pipe-work. Only drinking water supply to be metered.
    • All toilet cores to be provided with valve off flushing and domestic water supply. Outlet pressure at each floor to be limited to maximum 3 bar.

    Building Height

    Floor to Floor

    Ground Floor 4.20m
    Typical Floor 3.60m
    Basements 3.90m
    Floor To Ceiling  
    Ground Floor  
    3.875m (slab soffit)
    Typical Floor 3.35m (slab soffit)
    Total Height 29.925m


    • 4 Nos. Passenger Elevators - 16 passengers each
    • 1 No. Service Elevator - 1000 Kg.
    • Speed of Elevators - 1.5 mps


    Other Features

    • Plaza for leisure activities
    •  Covered walkway to main entrance lobby
    •  Building form with minimum exposure to SW sun
    • Climatically designed aluminium fins on south-west facade to cut down direct glare on workstations


    Foundation Isolated/raft foundations
    Floor Slab 250mm thick flat slab with drop panels of 400mm thickness (8m x 20m spans)
    Typical Column Sizes Peripheral columns 600mm x 750mm dia
    Central columns 750mm x 900mm dia
    Live Load (Office Floor) 4.0 kN/sqm
    Typical Bay Width 8m x 10m (approx.)



    External Cladding:
    Granite Cladding
    Unitized Curtain Glazing
    Alcuobond Cladding

    Entrance & Life Lobbies - Granite
    Basement - Concrete with Non-Metallic hardener
    Tenant floor finish - 75mm clearance left

    Passenger Lift Cab:
    SS panels/mirrors
    Granite flooring

    Finished common toilets on ground floor

    Brushed stainless steel

    Entrance Lobby:
    Full height glazing on front with frameless glass doors
    Granite cladding/ Timber & glass finish on walls
    Ceiling with suspended glass panels

    Typical Lift Lobby Finish:
    Granite Cladding/Veneer paneling on walls/ Stainless steel cladding
    Granite flooring with suspended glass panels




    Power Supply:
    Power supply made available from DHVPN at 11KV supply system. State Electricity Board to provide separate underground service feeder to the main 11KV metering room of the complex.

    11Kv Outdoor type sub-station isolated form main building complex with 1 no 150 KVA Transformer and HT isolation through 11KV HT vacuum circuit breaker.

    Power conditioning:
    Power conditioning of main incoming supply to be carried out with 1 no1500 KVA, 9-12/11 KV HT AVR to provide healthy and stable power for all users.

    LV Switchgear:
    LV Switchgear used in the installation confirms to IEC specifications as well as international standards. Provides longterm safety, unparallel ruggedness, excellent performance as well as easy installation, operation and maintenance.

    LT Distribution:
    LT distribution for all users to be carried out through Bus Duct Risers obtained from reputed manufacturers. Two sets of bus duct risers have been used to provide load distribution in the complex.

    Load Available for User:
    System has been planned to provide adequate load for lighting and small power needs of each user keeping in mind computer requirements. In addition to the maximum demand load on each floor, adequate arrangement has been made for critical needs like server room load as well as its air-conditioning required for night hours.


    Total Parking:
    Basement parking - 118 cars
    Parking at ground level - 38 cars
    (approx. 1 car park space for 835 sqft of saleable area)

    Bay Size:
    5.0m x 2.4m wide bays of each car

    Clear Height:
    2.4m minimum clear height below all services/ducts/trays etc

    Access Control:
    Boom gates with proximity card readers at ramp entrance



    •   Brushed stainless steel signage in statutory exits
    •   Touch Screen directory in entrance lobby for all tenants' Maintenance areas
    •   Finished Common Toilets on ground floor
    •   Janitor's cupboards

    Stone/ Aluminium/ Stainless steel building signage at entrance



    CCTV Cameras Main Entrance
    Main lift lobby
    Service Entrance
    Upper basement lift lobby


    • CCTV monitoring from multiplex central station with pan, tilts, zoom and recording facilities
    • Strategically positioned 24 hrs. (3 shifts) manned security
    • Surveillance, protection and rescue during disasters



    Provision for comm. System:

    •   Along with necessary P & T lines for each user ( provided in LV Shafts) infrastructure facilities have been provided to receive various communication links as well as broad band fiber optic cables etc.
    •   Structural provision has also been made on roof top to enable each user to install V-SAT antennas as well as satellite dish for their communication requirements.

    Stone/ Aluminium/ Stainless steel building signage at entrance


    One main Staircase and one fire escape staircase

    Travel Distance:
    Maximum travel distance 30m

    Wet risers / Hose reels:
    Adjacent to each staircase

    Fully provided in landlord's premises, common areas and basements.
    Main risers available for all tenant's areas.

    Fire Hydrants:
    Provided at ground level.

    Hand-held extinguishers:
    Provided as required in landlord's areas

    Fire Fighting Pumps(Near UG tank only)

    •   Two nos. main fire electric pumps (Cap. 2850 lpm, 88m head)
    •   Two nos. fire jockey pumps (Cap. 180 lpm, 88m head)
    •   One no. common diesel engine driven stand by pump(Cap. 280                       lpm, 88m head)


    Fire Tanks:
    Underground static tank 1,35,000 litres
    Terrace tank 20,000 litres

    Fire Alarm System:

    •  Fire alarm system complying to all international standards with main fire alarm   panel located in Security & Fire Control Room on Ground Level along  with repeater Panel in Security room
    •  Smoke detectors fitted with micro processors
    •  Zonal floor panels provided on each level for tenants with adequate zone cards. The zonal panels located in Service Lobby on each floor.



    Exterior Maintenance Access
    Cradle Window Cleaning System

    The following services shall be provided to the tenants:

    •   Housekeeping
    •   Security
    •   Landscaping / horticulture
    •   Building repairs and management
    •   Maintenance and operations of all services provided in the building.
    •   General administration and co-ordination with local authorities.





















    Air Conditioning

    Air Conditioning:
    Central Chilled Water type with Screw Chiller
    Two nos. Air Handling Unit rooms on each office floor
    Thermal storage to meet peak load

    530 TR including equivalent Thermal storage to meet peak
    daytime load thus resulting in energy conservation upto 20%

    Round the Clock Cooling:
    Extra cooling towers to run tenant package units for devices such
    as Server, UPS etc

    Piping and Ductwork:
    Chilled Water piping from A.C Plant to Air Handling units
    Common link area complete with ducting and grills.
    Ductwork from air handling units capped off at tenants' areas with fire dampers

    BMS and Controls:
    Hands free operation and monitoring the principle operations of the building control system, the BMS fully integrates the building systems including security, fire alarm and elevators. This enables centralized monitoring of the air conditioning at different locations through censors to optimize energy utilization.

    Ventilation and Exhaust:
    Provided for toilets, cores and basements. Separate ventilation for DG Rooms and with air cooling for increased efficiency


    Roadways & Surface Parking:
    Granite paving in main drive way and drop off.

    Pedestrian and Roadway Lighting:
    Pole mounted fixtures and custom designed granite finished bollard lighting

    Building Façade Lighting:
    Feature lighting of façade with fixtures concealed within landscaped and other areas

    Site Landscape:

    •   Granite paving in different finishes on plaza
    •   Turfed areas with trees on plaza
    •   Coriander Leaf, an Indian Restaurant and water feature with water cascading over split face granite culminating in still reflecting pools.



      Facilities Management
      • Housekeeping
      • Security services - CCTV cameras and access control
      • Repair, Maintenance and Operation of common services and utilities
      • General Management and Administration of the building
      • Client Relations
      Fire Fighting
      • 3 tier Fire Fighting System
      • Fire detection services and alarm
      • Automatic sprinklers
      • Fire host reels backed with 1,55,000 litres of water storage
      Air Conditioning
      24 hours central air conditioning through a state-of-the-art-system comprising of chilled water type screw chiller machines of 600 TR capacity, double skinned AHUs, Double Storage system and computerized BMS
      • 4 passenger elevators each having capacity of 16 passengers
      • 3 service elevators - 1000 Kg
      Power Backup
      • Power supply from state electricity board with 11 KV sub-station
      • 100% power backup through 2 x 750/800 KVA DG sets with a separate DG set of 320/380 KVA for critical load
      Elemention- The Fitness Centre
      • Gurgaon never had it better for the Executive-on–the- move. go- THE FITNESS CENTRE, a snazzy new fitness centre fits into your lifestyle like a glove. With the right machines, excellent trainers and the rejuvenating ambience, the centre helps to make wellness and fitness a part of your lifestyle.
      • Elemention- THE FITNESS CENTRE offers the very latest equipment, the opportunity to use highly trained and enthusiastic personal trainers for that added motivation, a great atmosphere and real opportunity for you to relax and unwind, and of course achieve your fitness or weight loss goals.
      Restaurant - Coriander Leaf
      • Welcome to Coriander Leaf, the world of Indian and Pakistani cuisine! The perfectly classy ambience speaks sheer luxury. Let yourself go with the strains of light music.
      • The serene atmosphere goes well with the impeccable service and attention to detail in the cooking.
      • With one of the NCR's finest bar, the experience invokes an encore. Perfected by our chefs, who have fed royalty, the cuisine is fit for a king.

        Floor plans

        Vatika Triangle, Gurgaon

        • Seventh Flloor Plan

        • First Flloor Plan

        • Typical Floor Plan

        • Vatika Triangle, Gurgaon

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        Vatika Triangle, Gurgaon

        • Vatika Triangle, Gurgaon

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