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Corporate Services

Develop real estate plan that will remain concurrent with business projections and goals. A strategy that will allow you to stay focused on your core competencies and satisfy your short-term and long-term real estate, operational and financial objectives.
Corporations can gain from world class professional services networked together to provide value, convenience and timely solutions.
 Individualized solutions can be designed to help corporations reduce costs and achieve their objective with minimal involvement.
We offer in our Corporate Service Portfolio:
  1. Attractive Corporate Deals from the Leading developers.
  2. Residential options for the Corporate Employees
  3. Custom Specific and Individualized Packages specific to a corporate
  4. Special finance schemes specifically designed for a corporate
  5. Liaison services with the developers for specific corporate needs
  6. Commercial Investments on the behalf of the corporate
  7. Leasing Services for new commercial usable space.

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