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Ugly face of fascism

The attack on Aam Admi Party (AAP) headquarters at Ghaziabad by the goons of saffron brigand under the banner of “Hindu Raksha Samiti” on Tuesday ostensibly to protest against the Kashmir-related remarks of a senior AAP leader, Prashant Bhushan, come as a warning about the rising graph of communal fascism which poses a serious threat not only to the country’s unity but also to its very survival as a secular democracy. Its not the first time that the self-proclaimed champions of the country’s unity, acting as a moral police, have resorted to such vandalism and gone on rampage to silence the voices with which they are not in agreement. Prashant Bhushan’s views on Jammu and Kashmir and other issues are too well known. Though subsequently he tried to somewhat retract, what he said about highly militarized Kashmir and the political urges of the people of the Valley under siege or the enforcement of the draconian laws like Armed Forces ( Special ) Powers Act ( AFSPA ) was nothing new. There was nothing anti-national about what Bhushan said or several other well meaning citizens of the country, committed to democracy and human rights, have been saying from time to time. To try to silence such voices through violent means is what goes against the very idea of India, as visualized by the founders of the Indian Constitution. This is nothing but fascism which needs to be resisted by all those who cherish the values of the freedom struggle.

There is nothing treason or anti-national about the demand being raised in Kashmir for the revocation of AFSPA and other draconian laws which infringe upon the fundamental rights of the citizens and thus violate the provisions of the Constitution, and the withdrawal of the armed forces from the civilian areas. Similarly its no crime to say that instead of silencing their voice and suppressing the urges and aspirations of the people by use of brutal forces they should be engaged in a process of dialogue for wining over their hearts and minds. The laws like AFSPA which arm the armed forces with blanket powers and promote a culture of impunity need not only to be revoked in Kashmir or North East, where these have become the permanent and ugly features of life, but also need to be removed from the country's statute book.

In the past several senior Indian statesmen, with unimpeachable integrity and patriotism, have raised their powerful voice against the actions of the ruling elite in India by using strong arm methods to silence the voice of the people or resorting to other undemocratic methods like arrests and repression. One of the tallest of Indian statesmen and the country’s first Indian Governor-General C Rajagopalachari, had repeatedly criticised India’s Kashmir policy and use of anti-democratic measures to crush the voice of the people in the State. Years ago he said : “ Kashmir is not a piece of real estate property. It is a community of human beings whose governance should be peacefully settled according to principles of human welfare and the legitimate desire of the people “ He even advocated independent status for Kashmir for achieving the objective of India –Pakistan friendship. Even Jayaprakash Narayan had been opposing the repression and anti-democratic measures being adopted to suppress the political urges of the people of the state and wanted India to honour its commitment for state’s autonomy as envisaged under the Instrument of Accession. Can any one in his senses dub them as anti-national ?

One has every right to disagree with the others views but to resort to hooliganism and vandalism for silencing the dissenting voices simply amounts to fascism which poses a threat to the very survival of India as a democracy. It was this kind of communal fascism, as symbolized by the RSS, championing the cause of Hindu Rashtra which resulted in the assassination of Gandhiji soon after the country won freedom. It was this kind of perverted thinking which led to the demolition and vandalisation of the historic Babri mosque and has been responsible for the communal and sectarian riots in different parts of the country from time to time.

Source : kashmir times

By vayaM CS